Monday, July 27, 2009


So I played that WSOP freeroll tournament yesterday and went 'deep'. I finished 20th for the $5500 package. I had a really comfortable stack at 30bbs but I ended up getting AKo in against a guy who had me covered. I think our table was 6 handed and I had been really aggressive against this guy because he was stealing a lot (he was probably the only guy I noticed playing well at the table). It was folded to him on the button and he raised. I 3-bet him from the SB for like the 4th time in an hour and he shoved QQ. I pretty much snapped him with my AK and lost the race. The pot wouldve put me in great position (like 2nd or 3rd) but it just wasn't meant to me. I think the hand basically played itself and I have no regrets.

Now apparently I can use the $5500 for the online world championship of poker (WCOOP), which would be nice to get free entry to the $5200 main event.

But I think I want to use it on a trip and live tournament, because thats so much more fun. Anyone have suggestions? I can't decide what to do or where to go.

Anyhow, back to the grind I go.


Amy said...

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seymour:cards said...

defo go for a live event, way more fun, but you already new that :)


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John said...

Yeah, you should play live, what are the side events looking like for the WSOPE?