Thursday, July 23, 2009

back in van

Well I'm back settled in Vancouver.
Bought some stuff for my grindroom (new 24" monitor and speakers) so I can put in some volume the next 2 and half months. Then back to toronto for a friend's wedding.

Now I'm just looking for a bike or something to get back in shape. 6 weeks of doing nothing but playing poker, eating out, and drinking beer took its toll on me. Hopefully I can get back into a good routine quickly.

Sunday is that million dollar freeroll on pokerstars that I qualified for. I've already 'won' a $5k package but hopefully I get lucky and can eek out some more value. Only 124 people get to play so I do have a decent shot. Here's the payout structure.

124th to 28th - $5000
18th - 27th - $5500
13th to 15th - $7000
10th to 12th - $8500
9 - $10,000
8 - $12,500
7 - $15,000
6 - $18,000
5 - $22,500
4 - $30,000
3 - $40,000
2 - $50,000
1 - $60,000

If I can't take it down, I hope one of my WSOP roommates do. GoMukYaSelf and justforfunds both qualified as well, so best of luck to them.

So anyways it starts sunday july 26th@ 17:00ET, feel free to sweat me and root me on!

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