Friday, June 13, 2008

long update + bonus new drunken habit

whats up y'aall?
I know ive been lacking in updates, but be assured all is well.

Just got back from tokyo, which was amazing. Look back at old posts to find out how much I love Japan. Tokyo may be the greatest city in the world, though I could do without all the nigerian pimps.

Highlights from the trip include:
1) a baseball game at the tokyo dome that went to extra innings and ended with a walk off homerun. Such an awesome game, and the atmostphere inside the dome was INSANE.

2)eating raw chicken ship the salmonella

3) A trip to Harajuku to scope the cosplay girls.
4) nitelife - no details sorry ;)

Right now I'm just wrapping up all the loose ends associated with moving back to canada (partying/drinking a lot) and really not playing as much as I should. Although, I'm running hot the times I do decide to play so I'll probably still book a good month.

May was amazing for me and hopefully a sign of bigger things to come. I'll definitely be acheieving some big goals of mine this year that I set out at the start of this blog a couple years ago.

Anyways, so I have this new drunken habit which is pretty interesting. I'm usually really good about not coming home black out drunk and playing poker. If I do, its usually penny stakes or something stupid. Usually I'll just hit my bed and pass out.

But yeah, so my new habit is similar to drunken poker, but a little wierder and completely facilitated by me being on the other side of the world:

I trade stocks.

Ususally when I get home from the club, its peak trading hours on the market.

But like seriously, who does this? I wake up the next morning and have confirmation of orders I have no reccolection of placing. If thats not weird enough, I think I'm a drunken stock savant. Each time I've done it, I've managed to flip the stock for a nice profit.

And I'm not totally messing up or throwing my portfolio off balance. I look the next morning and it all makes sense. So yeah, if it ain't broke...

Anyways, the latest stock I picked up last night was a bunch of Western Potash Corp. (WPX on TSE). I got it at $1.70 so we'll see what happens. Figured I'd post it to be accountable :)

So thats about it, take care everyone


Anonymous said...

WTF was the raw chicken all about? Is it some sort of delecacy? I don't mind medium steak but chicken is asking for trouble surely?!

the_main said...

Yeah we actually didn't see "raw chicken" on the menu and order it... it said chicken in this lemon sauce or soemthing.

When it came it was raw and my buddy said that this was common in japan. While in rome....
It actually tasted good and we had no bad side effects.