Monday, June 16, 2008

lol stocks

I wonder if anyone took my "advice" on that stock last post... jumped 25% since. :)

I'll have another chunk of money to invest later this week... time to get drunk!


Anonymous said...

Yo, grats on running hot in everything you touch... even stocks! :D

Where do you trade at? I was looking to get into it recently but couldn't find a good place that doesn't have large fee's and such that make small-scale trading worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

John it would be great if you could post your stats we enjoy seeing how you play and where you are to your goal.


seymour:cards said...

how'd you get on with that book on nlp? do you think it changed your live game at all?

social supremacy

Ant & Jam said...

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the_main said...

i use TD waterhouse, but cant say i reccomend it. i just deal with it because i do all my banking with TD. some of thier fees are ridiculous.

for several reasons I wont be posting results. i know it makes the blog more boring, but i can assure you I'm doing fine ;)

the stuff is very very interesting... has probbaly helped me out with the emotional/tilt aspects of my game more than anything.