Tuesday, May 27, 2008

officially leaving korea

I'm done.
Booked my flight home for July 1st. no word on future plans, but I'll be chilling around toronto for a few months at least.

No real reason except that I need a change. Lots of my friends have since gone home, so it's only me, my g/f and few friends.

SOooooo I have someone coming to look at my place tommorow, so its all clean and I took some pics for my memory. I know a lot of people have asked and I've been really lazy... so here is my pad!

Note that I paid for nothing in my the place except the Xbox, and my computer setup(incl. chair). Everything else was given to me or salvaged, so obv its not very balla.

my setup

living room 1

living room2

bathroom - i was naked so i had sneak out of the pic


hallway - bedroom on right(no pic, too many naked girls inside)

tahts about it - month is almost over and im rollin in dolla bills fwiw


Unknown said...

hey main,

good luck with everything. i've enjoined hearing about your escapades.

question though, how did you meet most of your friends in korea? were they all ex pats? people you knew before? or just from traveling around...


Anonymous said...

Nice place - good luck man.

Does your gf speak English or do you speak Korean? Will she be going to Canada with you ?

I'm English, live in France with my Chinese gf, and so we both speak in French with each other even though it is neither of our first languages ;)

All the best.

Small Stakes Poker said...

As Liz Hurley once said in a movie.
If they dont speak English....they should !!!!

gl gl

the_main said...

There was a bunch of ex-pats playing a weekly football game. I just suited up and showed up one week and met a lot of good people.

yeah she speaks english. while i can speak a bit of korean, its not nearly enough to maitain a serious relationship. sounds like you've got yourself an interesting situation there! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been trying to learn Chinese... without too much success lol ;)