Friday, May 02, 2008

april wrap up

Pretty ok month, despite having my lowest volume of play.

I dropped some tables and played some higher stakes. It went well initially but then I went on a nice downswing to end to the month.

Seems like a reccuring pattern actually - I make a sick amount in the first two weeks, and then breakeven for the rest of the month. Once the 1st rolls around again, I go back on a heater (like even today, may 1st, was my first winning day in over a week).

But whatever, I'm still making lotsa moneys.

Plan for this may:
Play more hands than i ever have
Make more $ than I ever have

should be easy enough. :)

With the supposed double vpp promo happening, I'll be playing like a mad man. I was considering starting some kind of may marathon and go for $31k in 31days of may. But with my birthday next week, and the soeul dj festival this weekend, it doesnt seem like a good idea. Maybe i'll start on may 11th or something and try to do $21k in 21day. I'll keep you updated.

As for my prop bet from last post. Costanza is doing surprising well, much better than I expected. That said, he's still slightly behind pace, and its not gonna get any easier for him.

After day 6, he's at $7,215.

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