Thursday, December 27, 2007


I'm a bad blogger, I know.
But I have lots going on at the moment, so this has kind of fallen off my priority list.

I'm grinding every day, trying to reach 500,000 vpps, which gets me a $5,000 bonus. I'll make it, I'm like 7200points away.

I'm also moving to the phillipines in a week or so. Kind of random, I know. Should be a fun change up though.

This month sucks, and I may end up being down in cash games at the end. Thankfully bonuses will put be somewhere between $5-7000.

I'll do the numbers next week, and reflect on the year in a later post.


Martin said...

Moving to the Philippines for good? Where at??? Anyway just a follow up on my previous query, you mentioned you 12 table on your laptop. Do you tile them or cascade them? Thanks and good luck at the tables!

the_main said...

Short term, like a year or so.

I tile them sort of, with tonnes of overlap. I thought I answered you before, sorry if I missed it.

Small Stakes Poker said...

Happy New Year
good luck for 2008