Tuesday, December 04, 2007

24tabling ftw

So I played a bit on sunday and got killed. I was up early and played/busted out of the sunday million after 3hrs. I just didn't feel like grinding and was down about $700 so I quit early. Probably not a good idea b/c I have to play sooo many hands this month.

So today I obviously 24-table 1/2NL. Happy to say that my new laptop can easily hanlde the load. Also equally happy to say that so can I.
It's pretty intense though. You rarley have any time when you arn't acting. I played for 5hours and logged ~6,000 hands. I lost ~$200, but it wasn't from bad play or lack of concentration (2 three outers in 200bb pots, etc. etc). My multi-table ratio was 19.8.

If I can pull out a sessions like these for the next two weeks, I should be able to relax and enjoy the holidays without stressing about logging hours.

Anyways, on a completly unrelated note... have you heard about this 'new' drug called 'jenkem'? Click the image below to see the Collier County Sheriff Office intelligence bulletin from September 26, 2007 which was later leaked to the media:

hahaha. I just think it's hilarious people are actually doing this. Had to share.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it's real


Unknown said...


dont know if you remember me, but we sat next to each other in Korea at the 1/2 tables during the APPT event for about 24h straight and like 1,000,000 gin and tonics,lol.
I am the German guy (live in Tokyo, though), name`s Kolja.
I was just checking if they still play poker with a ridiculous rake there and google came up with your page as well in the results...
Just wanted to say good luck for getting those 100k by the end of the year, AND WTF ARE THOSE KIDS SMOKIN NOWADAYS??? SOMEONE GIVE EM SOME POCKET CHANGE FOR THE REAL `ERB, lol! (although this jenkem is natural as well, lmfao!)
it`s gonna be a tough one for parents to figure out (by smelling the breath of their kids when they get back home) if they`re just into the good ol` urophilia* or are serious jenkem-addicts, hahaha...hillarious drug, imagine how it would smell on highschool-jenkem-parties...
anyways, as I said, gl, very nice blog & see you at the tables sometime...


*(had to check the internet for that word, english isnt my mothertongue)

Littleacornman said...

Try searching for "Brass Eye Cake" at youtube for info on a drug just as dangerous....!

Anonymous said...

what laptop are u using currently and playing 24 tables simultaneously? Do you tile them or cascade them? THanks!

the_main said...

Def. real

Sure I remember. It was a good time, hopefully we can do it again next year!


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