Thursday, September 13, 2007

tilt relief

I've had a couple rough days at the table. But the bright side is I've found a new release for all that stress.


I had no idea there was a shooting range in korea. I headed out with a couple friends to lotte world (biggest indoor amusement park in asia... maybe the world? not sure). They've got a skating rink, roller coasters, a huge department store, movie theater, shooting range, bowling alley, folk museum, water park, tonnes of restaurants and stores... it's HUGE.

Anyhow, at the range they had tonnes of handguns to shoot and we rocked them hard.

I shot a glock 9mm or something... I don't know anything about guns except that they're fun. My accuracy was 40%, which the guy said was terrible.

Then we hit up some bowling, where I bowled an aggressive 157, which is unimpressively my best score ever.

So after knocking a bunch of things over, putting holes in things, and lots of loud noises, I'm officially cured of my tilt. :)

Event #2 of the championship is tomorrow -- I hope I can final table it again, and hopefully take the win.

I don't think anyone wants to mess with me anyways --


Tommy_W said...

How much was the range?

the_main said...

20,000 for a round