Wednesday, September 12, 2007

basebrawls in korea are different

Thought I would post this for some of my korean friends to find out WTF is going on in this video:


Also, we had the first event of the full ring championships this morning. I did OK -- made the final table but ended up busting out 7th... which puts me in 7/28 place overall after one event.
It was a limit hold 'em event which I hate, so hopefully I can do better in the next ones.

Event #2 is pot limit omaha, aka, crack. The game is lots of fun because it has lots of gambool to it -- I'm sure it will be one of the quickest tournaments in the series.

Finally, I've been doing some experimenting with shortstacking. This basically means buying into a table with 20% of full stack. The idea is that you can exploit loose raisers/callers pre-flop, and not have to make many decisions after that.

I've been doing this at 3/6--10/20 and have had decent results over a small sample. (+$500 or so). I don't think it's something I would want to do full time, but it has opened my mind a little more to how short stacks play. I'm gonna keep at it for a while, and try to learn and improve.

It will also give me insight into how some of the higher level players are playing, so I can handle them better when I eventually run into them.

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