Monday, July 23, 2007

Bit of a change

I've had too many people online and off tell me that my weight loss goal is ridiculous. Too many variables to consider, and a lot of the factors will be out of my control.

So I'm switching up my goal to getting my odometer on my bike to 300km instead.
It was 25km yesterday, so that means 275KM before 5pm on the 17th. I guess thats like 11km/day.

I figure this is better, because I could easily manipulate the weight loss one and just starve/dehydrate myself before weigh in. Plus, it could be unhealthy overall. This way, it can't possibly be bad for me.

I'm still going to be concious of what I'm eating, and hopefully a few KGs come off as well.

So to restate:

90k hands
275km on bike

BTW, I'm on a really good pace to knock these both out after day 1 :)


OReally said...

Excellent! A much better approach. Good luck with both goals.

Anonymous said...

do i still get my 50 bucks? ship it to me on stars yo.


the_main said...


Cheers, thanks for the advice.


If you really dont think I can do this, I'd accept any almost any prop bet on it :)