Tuesday, July 10, 2007

bali bound

So I got around to booking my trip yesterday. I'll be leaving on the 17th and staying for 5nights. I wish it could be a bit longer, but it's not possible for a couple reasons.

Anyways, we decided to stay at the Hard rock hotel instead, which is around Kuta. They had this 'honeymoon' package which was a really good deal, and included some perks like a romantic dinner, massages, and private cabana by the pool.

We're gonna pimp out in the "Luxury Suite". It's a "Four room luxurious suite featuring a master bedroom and ensuite bathroom, living room complete with home theater system, dining room, kitchenette, additional washroom and walk in wardrobe." Sweet? I think so.

All this talk about travel is getting me excited. Lots of people around here have little trips coming up. Me and my friend Chris were talking about riding the trans-Siberian railroad next summer. If you've never heard of it, it's a railroad that runs from China to London, England.

Pretty cool I think. You can get on and off where ever you want with a one way ticket. I think the trip takes a week, depending on which train you take. So we'll probably take a month and check out most of the stops. All talk right now, but definitely exciting.
And of course I still want to check out Africa. I'm planning on taking 2months off at some point to just explore most of it.
Let me know if you want to tag along! ;)
As an added bonus to this post, here is some hilarious youtube footage:

This is some spoiled rich girl going off on her mom, telling her she hates her right after she bought her a lexus. goddamn.

lol -- song selection is A++++


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hope you have a great trip to a beautiful place. Hope to see plenty of picks when you get back as Bali is one of the places I'd love to travel to.

The Average Joe said...

Best of skill to you!

That video is hilarious. What a fucking spoiled brat!!

Anonymous said...

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