Monday, June 18, 2007

finally settled

There's been a tonne of things to sort out since I returned. Glad to say that most is now taken care of.

First and foremost, it included reuniting with all my old friends here. We got a little crazy this weekend, but I guess it was overdue. Ok, maybe 'a little' is an understatement. Oh how I wish I could get into the details, but I have no idea how many people here read my blog and I'm in no mood for a trainwreck.

Other than that, I had a big issue with my apartment because the lease was up, and the owner didn't want to rent to a foreigner (my old boss from the school was in the original lease).
This really sucked, because I love my place and all my friends are in this building or relatively close.

Eventually I got the same apartment put under my girlfriends name for the next year. Basically this means she can steal my $5k deposit at any time and get me evicted. So I pretty much signed a 1yr extension on my relationship as well. :D No problem there, though.

I fixed up most of the other problems around my place, but still have some things that need fixing/replacing.

Outside of poker, I have some new self-improvement goals set out.
1. learn korean
-This is going well, and after 2 days of study I can almost read the language. I figure if I'm going to be here for a while, I might as well.

2. work out/get healthy
-I always go through cycles in my life between being healthy and ignoring my health. Well, now its time for a cycle of a different kind... an exercycle.
Yup, I ordered an exercise bike for my place and it gets here tonight. I debated between a real bike and this, but monsoon season is upon us and the air quality here sucks.
Im about 200lbs right now. At 6'2, this isn't that bad, but I could stand to lose 10-15lbs and a few points of body fat.

That's about it for now. I hope I can get a lot of hours in this week, and stay on the good run I've been having. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

GL... how do the locals treat you, being an american? i wanna visit so bad, but unlike you i am a korean-american born there raised here-adopted!
blog on man, i wish you would update a little more and include pics of your endeavors outside of poker! but all in all i enjoy reading about All your success.

the_main said...

Well, I'm canadian, but locals pretty much assume white=american anyways.

Most people are polite, but I run into some racial discrimination from time to time.

I have friends who are korean-americans and can't speak korean -- it seems at times that they get it worse than me.

Anyways, thanks for the kind words -- much appreciated. I'll try to get more pics up when possible... it's just that I don't have a camera :)

Anonymous said...

6'2", fat, and u don't have a camera......


Adam said...

I am very confused about your post concerning you as a coach, and the stats that you mentioned. You say that after 400,000 hands at $200 nl you are a 4bb/100 winner. Yet a couple months ago in the comments section you told me that after 300,000 hands you are a 1.6bb/100 winner at $200 nl. That's a HUGE difference and it's obvious that you haven't gone from that to 4bb/100 in only 100,000 more hands. At the time the 1.6bb/100 made perfect sense to me after reading your blog for a while and seeing your results. This 4bb/100 hands claim just doesn't add up at all. You say in that coaching post that your hourly earn from poker is $50-60 per hour with bonuses. I believe that statement, therefore knowing that you often play over 600 hands per hour there is no way possible you could even be a 3bb/100 winner, not even close. I can find the comments where you told me the 1.6bb/100 figure if you would like. Not trying to call you a liar at all or anything, but I think it is fair for your future pupils that they know the facts if they are going to be paying you for your coaching. I read your blog all the time and enjoy it, but I just had to say something here and I think people deserve an explanation. Maybe taking a screenshot of your PokerTracker results after the 400,000 hands instead of that shot in your coaching post of the 20,000 hands at $100 nl would clear it up. I'm sure everyone (especially possible future students of yours) would really appreciate a response from you here. Thanks a lot!

the_main said...


ptbb =/= bb

I said I was 1.6ptbb/100, which equates to 4.2bb/100 (double!).

PTBB is not a really good measure of NL success, and pokertracker allows you to adjust this in your prefrences.

You're welcome


welcome back to korea main...
purrdy cool that grinder like u stayin in korea and having a success... im a korean-canadian but i spent half of my life in korea so im fluent in korean as well... let me know if u run into problems lol... oh congratz on extendin 1year contract wit yor gf too lol... well done...
gl at ur tables...
keep up the good work