Wednesday, June 20, 2007

all on red

I know this is an oldie, but it's a goodie. I'm sure a lot of you have never seen this:

Brit Ashley Revell bets $136000 on one spin of the roulette wheel in Las Vegas after selling everything he owned. This is what happened..

Too bad his site is lame.


Anonymous said...

That is the coolest f****** I have even seen.

Adam said...

Thanks for the response main, I knew there must be something like that going on. I had no idea that there was anything other than ptbb/100. Most people still use the ptbb/100 when talking about their win rate for NL though, right? Im pretty sure everyone I know still does at least. Also, why do you say that it's a better way for measuring no limit, isn't it all just relative to which ever one everyone measures themselves against?

the_main said...

Yeah it doesn't really matter which way you measure I suppose.

PTBB is basicly big bets(a limit measurment), which has no relevance to NL.