Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well, if you read last post, you'd know that I have a new lucky mouse. Well, I took it for another test ride today.
I'm still buzzing from the excitement of this sick session, which ended with an even sicker series of hands.
Where do I begin?
Ok, my girlfriend left my place early this morning for school, and woke me up in the process. So I'm up a lot earlier than I usually am, and decide to put in a marathon session.
It went really well, and I was up $1400 after like 6hours. I was feeling great, as this was one of my best sessions ever. Everything seemed to be going my way, which is the way I like it.
Anyhow, I was feeling a bit tired, and wanted to end my session... but there was this one fish floating around this one table. Slowly I started closing off my other tables, and focusing on this one particular player. At this point, he has about $600 in front of him, from his originally $200. He made that $400 playing like an idiot -- I had noticed, and planned to exploit it. As luck would have it, I also happened to have $600 on this table.
He has making ridiculously large raises preflop (raises to $50, when normally its $6 or $8), and I happened to pick up KK . He raised to something stupid like $70, and I reraised to $200. He folded.
Damn. There goes my big chance to bust him. But I decide to stick around for a bit.
TWO HANDS LATER, I get dealt AA on the button. This time he raises to $36. Again, I raise to $200. But now, something I didn't expect develops. The next player, a good player, raises all-in to $270, and the player beside him calls $131 all in!!! WTF!?? The crazy dude folds, and obviously I call with the best hand in a $700 pot!
Thankfuly, my aces hold up.
The good player had QQ. Now, normally, he wouldn't go all in, but he knew that I knew that the 1st player was an idiot. So he knows I will try to isolate him with hands worse than QQ. He got unlucky that I had 1 of the 2 hands that beat him. The other guy called with AK which is just dumb. But anyways.
THE VERY NEXT HAND. I get dealt 66 and limp in for $2. The pyscho, who is still here and has lots of money, raises to $28. Usually this is an easy fold, but against an idiot with this much money, I have implied odds to call and hit a set. And guess what.... I did.
*** FLOP *** [6h 3d Ah]
This is beautiful, because if he has an ace, hes not folding. He bets $34, and I make a risky play and just call. I'm just hoping he will bet again on the turn so I can raise him.
*** TURN *** [6h 3d Ah] [Qd]
Nice card for me. If he has a Q in his hand, he's now less likely to fold. He does indeed bet again, this time $44. I can't wait any longer, I need to build this pot so I can get all my money in on the river. I also need to charge flush draws. I raise to $150. He stops and thinks for quite a while.
FInally he calls the $150 bet.
At this point I have him on an ace, or some other random pair... maybe even two pair. I don't think he has a flush draw, because he would play it harder, and also wouldve called my raise much faster.
*** RIVER *** [6h 3d Ah Qd] [Kd]
This card completes the flush draw, and also made him a stragiht if he happened to have a HORRIBLY played JT. He thinks for a few seconds, and finally puts all his chips in the pot. All $314.55 of them.
Sick. What a huge bet, what a huge pot. This is the biggest decision I've ever had to make, and if I call and win, it would be my biggest pot ever. But there is no way i can lay this down now.
There is like $400 in the pot, and if he hit runner runner for flush or straight, then so be it.
I call.
*** SHOW DOWN ***
djphilippine: shows [4d 5c] (high card Ace)
the_main: shows [6s 6d] (three of a kind, Sixes)
the_main collected $1054.10 from pot
Styranger said, "lol"
Yeah, he didnt even have a pair. He had a busted straight draw, and a lot of heart! Too bad it wasnt enough. And with that, I ship the biggest pot of my life, and also the most winningest day at cash games ($2400).
And finally, here's me at a $200NL table with $1600 (SICK!)

i love it


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Littleacornman said...

Sicker than that anon! Very nice call.Your heart must have been pounding.Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Great session man!!! Maybe if I play some cash games and send you hand histories you can hook me up with some advise...

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Who da man ?