Monday, March 26, 2007

getting lazy

I havnt played any cash games since my last post. I guess I've gotten a bit complacent.

Today I played a bunch of small tournaments and had no success at all. I''m probably down like $100 for the day. (i have one still going, a super satelite to the world series of poker)

I think its pyschological... when I'm winning, I don't play as much. In my head, this is probbaly to protect winnings. When I'm losing, I want to play more to get even. It makes total sense, but has got to be counter productive. Generally, you play better when you're winning, so I should try to reverse this pattern.

Whatever, it came at a good time, because I had a busy weekend planned.

One of my friends in korea, Joe Pineault, got married on saturday. He's a pro boxer here, and he threw a really nice party for everyone. It was a great time, but eventually, all the booze led to a bunch of fights btwn friends. I wasn't directly involved in anything, but it turned an otherwise great night pretty sour. So I spent most of sunday helping things get smoothed over.
Happy to say everything got worked out eventually.

I will probably post some pics from the wedding when I get a chance. But I'll leave you with the main reason you dont want to pass out in a bar:

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