Sunday, December 24, 2006

Week 3 Update (sort of):

Just over 47 hours of work so far this month. So I guess I've only worked 17 hours in two weeks. Oops.
30,558 hands for $2,381.35 ($51/hr)
Winrate is 1.72bb/100hands which is easily sustainable and is actually lower that my overall average.
I've made some small tweaks to my game, and am playing like a zen master. I lost a $400 pot yesterday where I got it in as 94% favourite. I didn't even flinch... I sort of just gave the computer a dirty look and kept on keeping on. holla.

EPT Update:

Getting there.... slowly. I really need to play a tonne in January if I even want a shot at this. Its really hard to get a lot of play in during the holidays. I'm trying though...
It's not like I'm gonna have a lot of time to play until the new year, because I have a friend coming to stay with me next week. So we'll be going out and partying a lot, etc etc. I'd love to get to 270/500k by the end of the year.

Hahaha, I'm gonna need to play like 100k hands in January....

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