Saturday, July 01, 2006

So June is over and I guess I really slacked off near the end. It was sort of inevitable, but I still (almost) hit my monetary goal. Really, it could've been one of my best months ever. Anyhow, I have enjoyed my 2 week break from the game, and hope I can come back more focused than ever.

I read Sklansky's 'no-limit theory and practice' on my time off and thought it was pretty basic. I was really disapointed as this was suppsoed to be the most advanced book yet. Everytime he got into something interesting, he would state that it was too complicated to get into. WTF? I thought that was the point? The only thing I got from the book was the feeling I should play a wider range of hands from late position. That's it.

June results: (numbers arnt exact because I don't have my laptop with all the specifics)

Cash Games: $3300 over 10k hands
Casino whoring: $550 (my post on June 1st was wrong, it wasn't $650 as I was counting my original deposit)

Total: $3850

For 2 weeks, I'm extremely pleased with these results. I also designated $100 at the start of the month for sports betting (nba playoffs and world cup), and I've run that up to $330. I don't like including these numbers in my bankroll b/c sports betting is just entertainment for me, and I fully intend to lose it all eventully :)

So anyways..... on to July! Should be a slow month too, as I wont have my computer back for another week. Also, I'll be moving half way around the world, so the transition might be slow. Hopefully, I can match last months numbers.

I also did my casino bonuses this morning and lost them both, so I'm down $1 for the month so far ;)


Anonymous said...

Not a bad take for two weeks

the_main said...


With the laptop back, actual numbers from June cash games are: $3,298.78 over 9313 hands (39.18hrs = 84.19/hr)

The hours are probably close to double that if you include the time I spent reading or studying something poker related.