Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I finally got my laptop back today. It seems to be running well, which is better than I can say for myself. Not to say that I'm running horribly though - for the month I am at $534 over 4k hands (or roughly $18/hr). All this month's profits came in fast and I've been breaking even ever since, which is never very enoyable. This is especially frustrating because I have been forced to play fewer tables which in turn has made me feel less productive (less hands per hour = less money per hour). Hopefully I can squeeze out $2k for this month and I'll be happy.

On a more horrible note: on sunday I spent 6(SIX!) hours playing a satellite tournament to the world series of poker. Over 1600 people entered (for free) and the top 5 finishers got the WSOP package (valued at $12,000). Long story short, I finished in 7th place and made a whopping $0 for my efforts. 6 more hours of breakeven poker I guess. Its just always been a dream of mine to play in this tournament, and it was horrible to come up short.

I know I said I'd write about playing draws but I've changed my mind. I did some serious thinking on the topic and came up with a bunch of insights which I don't think I'm ready to share just yet.

I'll check back in next week.


Anonymous said...

6th?!? Shot to the heart!

Anonymous said...

mistype... meant 7th... but still!