Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 Review and looking forward

I'm not even sure where to start. It was a weird year, in which I didn't really accomplish all the things I set out to do, but had some other success in areas I never really set out to do.

New year and a new city. It's been a good year in Vancouver, and I'm really pumped about the Olympics. The city is really starting to jump. I'm gonna stay here for another year I suppose, spending the summer in Vegas.

Vegas was easily the best part of my year. Meeting a bunch cool people, and having good success at the WSOP. Can't wait to head back next summer.

I drove across Canada too, don't know if I ever wrote about that. Bought a car in Toronto and took the trip with a good buddy over 4days. Great trip, great times.

Unfortunately I didn't get to do much more travelling. I'm planning to get somewhere in march. Maybe Malta, not sure. Oh and I'm heading to California this weekend for something I'm really looking forward too. It's a surprise for a friend who reads this blog so I can't say, but hopefully I come back with some pics.

2009 wasn't really what I wanted to do in regards to cashgames. I played about 1/2 the amount of hands I did in 2008, and my hourly was worse. I did run about $25k below expectation, so that had a little to do with it. But if it wasn't for that tournament the year would've been pretty bad results wise. Oh well, I'm pumped to crush in 2010.

I've been hanging out with a couple good players here in vancouver, and we've been talking a lot of poker. It's been great because we do a lot of discussions at the gym, so I've been getting in better shape.

My goal for the year is to never tilt. I know it's a bit unrealistic, but so far so good. I've been studying Tommy Angelo's Buddhist inspired 8 step path to poker enlightenment, and its been good for me. Lots of great gems in there, and I'm playing with a lot more emotional control.

I have some pretty lofty goals for the year. I'm really gonna to need to play and improve a lot to acheive them, but I have faith.

Best of luck to everyone in the new year, unless you happen to find yourself in a pot with me :)


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theboylaz said...

Best of luck for the new year mate, and if you do ever work out how to completely eliminate tilt then please let me know how!

the_main said...

I don't even get that spam? Like seriously there are no links or anything embeddeded. ???

And thanks boylaz, check out tommy angelos series I mentioned in the post. Its available at dueces cracked and has helpped me immensely.

Hope you had as much fun as me miron! :)

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