Wednesday, February 11, 2009

fck february

well, i've been welcomed back to the tables with arms wide closed. yes that makes no sense, but neither does the run ive been on.

it seems like everytime i try to buckle down and grind out hands i end up pissing away money and running like a crippled kid over an oil slick.

not to mention i lost like every stupid bet i made on the superbowl. granted, i was betting ridiculous props, but still... at least one should come through, nO?

anyhow, its cool. it will turn around. plus im pretty much set up in the new apartment. i have everything essential. so no more expenitures. bedroom/bathrooms/kitchen/lviing room, all done. my office has a chair and a desk, which is fine for the time being. i got the aeron chair, not sure if i mentioned that before. its ok i guess -- 7.6/10.

speaking of the kitchen, i've been getting really into cooking lately. i cook every single day (sometimes even twice). my food tastes awesome but usually looks terrrible. im not really creative with presentation, but im working on it. maybe ill have something to fall back on should the poker gods decide to never give me my run good back. maybe a sacrifice is in order?

anyhow, thats it from me. wish me luck. i think ill go sacrifice a bottle of wine down to the depths of my stomach instead.


Anonymous said...

this is the first "run bad" post ive seen you write,

not pretty reading,stick with it dude

Anonymous said...

guess you haven't been reading all that long, I'm pretty sure there was a pretty sloppy month about a year ago... nothin some 5 buck whiskey's won't fix..

Anonymous said...

maybe that was 2 years ago... lol, fuck, time flies!

Anonymous said...

flies... flys... fly's... fackin engrish!

the_main said...

i couldve defenitely gone for a nice trip to goodfellas!

ive been actively trying not to complain and be postive but i finally caved. :) oh well it felt good and im gettin back on tracl

Wilks said...

Speaking of GF's Kim just e-mailed me, says he's moving to Canada within the next 2 years... How's Hongcouver treatin ya? you'll have to e-mail me your digits, I'm all set up in Florida now, residing in Redington Beach... cheap booze everywhere down here, God bless America! haha