Tuesday, January 13, 2009


so i've arrived safely in vancouver.
got my new place all worked out, just about ready to actually move in.
will probably be by tommorow. i scored a pretty good deal on the place, and its in a primo location. i'll try to post pics once its all set up.

the weather here is pretty bad but whatever. i've been having a really good time with a bunch of my friends out here that i met in korea. definitely feeling the love. i'm sure the summer will be much much better.

on another note, i'm really feinding to play some poker. havnt played at all yet this year... hopefully i havnt gotten too rusty. and it'll still be another week before i have internet all hooked up. but everything will be set up really well for me to grind, so hopefully i can have a huge year. fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

what stakes do you play?
and which sites?