Friday, July 25, 2008

playboy golf

had a great day at the golf course

met some nice guys from stars, some hot playboy bunnies, and even managed to ship 5th place!

thanks stars!


Mojoe Risin said...

That sounds like fun... I hit up a Bad Back Open Every year for the local Radio Station here. It is Sponsored by a Strip Club and there are Drunk Naked Strippers on the last Hole. Its great if you are the last one to Golf........we had the luck draw last year. You have to Tap in your Put so ya dont Damage the Goods.

If you ever Feel like Hitting up windsor Casino for some live games now that you are back home send me and E-Mail. Also MGM Grand just opened a Nice Casino last Fall in Detroit. I Checked it out Three Weeks ago. Decent Card room every table was full with long waiting lists and Large Loose Preflop play.
I pulled a Wicked 70 Hour Session and Made a Decent hourly Wage.

the_main said...

Sounds pretty awesome! lol

anyways, live poker makes me want to tear my eyes out with an icecream scooper so yeah :)