Thursday, March 13, 2008

same ol'

Nothing much to report here

Month is going great again, so I'm taking shots at higher limits. I've been playing as high as 5/10. My game has improoved a lot and my results are showing.

I'm waiting for my quesidilla to be delivered and it's been like an hour. That's the only reason I'm posting. SO I'll end here b/c I have nothing to say.



Anonymous said...

An hour for delivery in Korea? That's unheard of!

the_main said...

No kidding!

My g/f got pissed and called them back to cancel the order. Right after she did it, the food showed up and I was hungry. nom nom nom.

It was a little cold, but thankfully I have your toaster over and heated it right up :)

Anonymous said...

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the_main said...


Anonymous said...

I believe "Quesidilla" is spelt "Quesadilla"... u must feel like such an idiot. don't u ever correct me again on my spelling of definately

the_main said...