Sunday, February 25, 2007

february results

I think I'm calling it a month. I leave for Japan on tuesday, but I'm not at all prepared. So I'll spend most of monday tieing up some loose ends.

The month was OK, but I didn't play close to as many hands as I wanted to. I only played 1/4 weekends, which killed me. Hopefully after my vacation I can come back fresh and ready to grind.

The numbers.....

Cash Games:
$200NL - 62k hands for $1,987
$400NL - 1k hands for $96
$600NL - 8 hands for $66 :)
$200PL - 3k hands for $113
$400PL - 30 hands for ($208)

Totals: 65,911 hands for $2,056.10 [$19.72/hr]

HeadUP: $256
SNGs: $44
MTTs: ($303)

Totals: 48 tournies for ($2.90) [roi% of (.16)]


Stars bonuses: $4500
Casino bonus : $291

Total: $4791

February Net profit:


So I guess I can't be upset with these numbers. I made more than I did in january, and played about half as much (104hrs in Feb. vs. 187hrs in Jan.). Still though, I really feel my hourly rate should be close to twice what it is.

Year to date:

I'll be back in a week.

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