Saturday, June 30, 2007

oopsie / weekend

First off, I made a pretty significant mistake in my last post and understated my results by about $1200. I had my results filtered to only show certain limits, which omitted the success I've had at some bigger games. Anyhow, the results are now 100% accurate.

My weekend was pretty sweet. I spent friday night with some friends drinking beer, jumping off things and taking pics. Good combo, I know.

That's some serious air.

So after drinking until 6 in the morning, I was up at noon to meet my g/f at SeoulLand amusement park. Oops.

All the rides were pretty tame, but the park was surprisingly empty. NOTHING is ever empty in Korea. So we got a bunch of rides in, but the it was so humid out we called it a day pretty early.
I'm looking forward to playing a lot of poker this month. I'm hoping to log like 100-150k hands. I should also have a cool annoucement in the next week once I have it all sorted out. If you've been on pokerstars in last few days, you'll know what it is. :)

Until then...


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