Thursday, June 07, 2007

farha is a pimp

Sammy farha and online pro Brian Townsend have been going at it, playing heads up omaha and hold 'em.

At one point, Brian was down $1.2million, but fought back to book a $50k win for the entire match.

This is the awesome part though:

On the last hand, Sammy wanted to "run it" in Omaha for 100K each. This is where each player is dealt 4 cards, which you don't look at, then the flop is dealt. The first person to act then turns one card up. The next player has to beat the card the first turned up. This continues till one person is drawing dead or all four cards are exposed. I said no initially but he said two times he would put up 105K vs my 100K. I agreed and we spilt the two hands which netted me 5K. Then he took all the money he had in front of him, 470K, and said lets flip you only have to put up 450K. I thought a bit and would have accepted if I could easily get more money to Vegas to replace the loss, but I couldn't so I declined.

wow. who offers to flip a coin for half a million dollars?

Oh yeah, this man:

edit: apparently the dealer of this game has a blog(l0l), and was not tipped by either player during the game. totally unballa


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Frank said...

Totally off topic but still, the RSS feed is awesome been waiting for that. keep it up, best poker blog out there!