Thursday, June 21, 2007

easy money & coinflips

I just made the easiest $65 ever.

Dude comes to my table and asks me to buy $400 of his tourny dollars. So I lowball him as a joke and say I'll give him $300. He hrmms and haaaws, and eventually says $325.
lol, ok.

11 mins later I flipped it for $390.

Some people are just plain bad at teh interwebz.

In other news, I played a friendly game of lowlimit omaha with some friends, which escalated into an all-in fest. God, I run bad.


Adam said...

Just think that you must be purposely misleading people and trying to decieve people into thinking you are better than you really are. Nobody goes by the bb/100, therefore people think you are talking about ptbb/100. You are giving a stat that almost everyone thinks is ptbb/100, but really isn't. The standard is ptbb/100 for limit and no limit, thats what everybody uses. You say you are a significant winner, but 1.6ptbb/100 at $200 nl is definitely not a SIGNIFICANT winner (its a relatively marginal winner). Just think you should be upfront with your readers and future students, they deserve it. If I were looking into you as a coach I would demand a screenshot of all your hands played. That's all man, gl.

the_main said...

I'm not sure why you're being such a troll, but...

If nobody uses bb/100, then why is it an option in pokertracker? Could it be that lots of NL players asked Pat to include it? Maybe because ptbb is irrelevant to NL?

check out this thread:

Still sure NOBODY uses it?

You should probably educate yourself before making ridiculous blanket statements.

Andrew said...

Adam served John and then John served Adam back.


It is ON!!!

Adam said...

"It's been like this for 4 years and I've had no one other than you suggest it be changed. The NL players I know of are more likely to care more about their win rate/hour than the number of big blinds they won." -ptrack pat

LOL. That's Pat's response in the link you sent me to the suggestion to change it. SO YES IM STILL SURE NOBODY USES IT(relatively of course). First of all I never was rude to you at all or had any malice in what I was saying, I even said I enjoy reading your blog and have it on my favorites. Secondly, I DID research before I made the comment just to make absolutely sure that I'm not wrong here. I checked 2+2 forums, Cardrunners forums/blogs, as well as all the other blogs I read. And I didn't find anybody posting their stats as other than "PTBB/100". This is clearly the industry standard and what almost all people use to measure their success against others. Bottom line is that these days when someone says they are a 4bb/100 winner at something like $200 nl or higher, that means they are a VERY GOOD PLAYER and are a rare, significant winner. This is why I believe you keenly tried to decieve people into thinking you were using the industry standard ptbb/100 when you used bb/100, because you said SIGNIFICANT winner next to it. But for the option you have checked as bb/100, 4 is a relatively marginal winner hands down.

mike said...

lol adam ur a tard

the_main said...

"SO YES IM STILL SURE NOBODY USES IT(relatively of course). "

This is the cutest lil' statement ever. But of course sir, but of course. lol.

ptbb is a limit measurement. THERE IS NO BIG BET IN NO LIMIT. Do you agree? Of course you do, unless you're a moron.

Whether you choose to use an irrelevant and outdated measurement is up to you. If someone released superior software to pokertracker, would you continue to use pokertracker because it is a 'standard'? Of course you wouldn't, unless you're a moron.

Maybe I'm just naturally an early adoptor, Mr. Laggard.

And as for not being rude... you basically called me a liar. I've never been anything but honest about my results, and have no reason to lie. So obviously that's insulting. You've asked so many noob questions for months and I always answer them, and now you're being a douche. Classy.

So GL, I'm through wasting my time with you.

Adam said...

I understand that you are saying that PTBB/100 was originally for limit and not no limit. But what's the point of using the new one if no one else is. The point of both of them is to have a measurment to evaluate how good you are compared to other people. Thats what Pokertracker Pat was basically saying, but a few people just don't have the capacity to understand that. Lets say you are on 2+2 and people are takling about win rate. They will all be using PTBB/100 and then if asked, you will just use the BB/100 for yourself? It doesnt make any sense. I guess you don't realize that you are the minority here, and using that measurment for your success is irrelevant b/c you can't compare it to anybody but yourself. But if it makes you feel like you have a higher win rate then go for it.
And at first I definitely did not call you a liar, I was just really confused becuase I didn't know that you used stats for yourself that most people don't use, which makes it look like you are better than you are to the majority of players that use PTBB/100. As far as the noob questions, sorry I haven't played on stars in over a year. Has nothing to do with being a noob. And if you want to call me a noob I dare to you to put up a few thousand and come play me HU on FTP or UB at 3/6 or 2/4. We can even set up some 1/2 if you feel more comfortable there, MR. Professional 4bb/100 at 10 max.

the_main said...


First, if you don't write ptbb, bb's should be assumed - Do you see why?

Anyhow, hourly is all that matters. My multi-table ratio is huge, so obv my bb/100 rate will suffer. I still win $$ at a significant rate.

Secondly, get your ego in check -- you'll never be truly successful with it. Why in the world would I put up a few $k to play a winning player? Why would you? I can make more money in my regular game, and money means a lot more to me than a pissing contest.

Now stop trolling and get back under your bridge.

Wombol said...

Like, you called me a biatch, and then, like, I'll pull yo hair and whoop yo ass!

Yo say what?

Yea, yo heard, skank!

"insert clicking fingers and knodding heads here"

the_main said...

bup bup!!

Adam said...

Anyone who knows me knows I don't have an ego in poker at all, especially the regulars that I play with becuase I've discussed this w/ them before. But your noob comments are just silly, and I thought if you thought that then I figured you would want to play me. Logically, if you are calling me a noob you must think I am one and you have an edge on me. Also, I don't play the very solid winners at the games I play heads up ever. But that's the reason I would want to play you HU, b/c that is definitely not you.

the_main said...

Just making sure I have this all straight--

1. You've never played me
2. You've never watched me play HU cash
3. You are absolutely positive that you can beat me
4. You have your ego in check.

Yup, sounds about right to me. Grow up plz.

Anonymous said...

adumb = owned

Jenny said...

adam, u truly seem like ur arguing a ridickulous point here.

there are clearly 2 different things with 2 different abbreviations. main stated the difference, and ur upset because he doesn't use the same one as u and your friends. it seems very fickle.

u remind me of a child on the playground. u can't proove ur point with words, so u challenge someone to a fistfight. u should really take a long look in the mirror.

it's main's site, let him use whatever he wants to use.

Adam said...

I definitely don't care what he uses and he certainly doesn't need to use what everyone else in the online poker community uses. This started out as me asking him to clarify things b/c I was confused about his statements concerning his stats in his coaching post a while ago. The reason I was confused is because I didn't know he uses what he does, as I'm sure many others would be a little confused too. So I just asked him about it b/c I was curious, and was looking out for any possible future student of his that might have been mislead by his claims as I happened to be. He then explained it to me and I responded very nicely by asking him to explain something else. And this is when the malice and rudness on his part came into play, so I responed with the same. That's all, he can definitely say or use whatever he wants anywhere. It just started out by me looking out for people who might have been a little thrown off like I was. It got blown out of proportion, and Main I wish you very well in poker and hope you continue to have success.
P.S. - The HU challenge is an open invatation that will always be there for you if you ever decide to have some fun and play me. GL Sir!

Anonymous said...

what an idiot this jerk main must be.