Monday, June 04, 2007

good news/bad news

Bad news first.

I lost in the 2nd round of the full ring championship. :(

I played IanBarnes,(who I think is the favourite to win the whole thing now) and he took me down 4-2.

It was a really fast, supper aggressive match. He won the flips when he needed too, caught me on a sick cooler, a sick bluff, and then a semi-bluff. All in all we both played well, but niether of us were as patient as we should've been.

Good news is I'm running well this month. I played my first short session and won about $1200, and also came 2nd in a tourny for a $800 or so win.
I gave some of the tourny win back when I played a $650 sattelite to the wsop. I came close, but couldn't close the deal. I had $370T$ I got thru a $25 sat, so I only anted up $280. I would've loved to win that thing though and gone to the WSOP. :(


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