Sunday, April 01, 2007

March Results

Cash Games:
$200NL - 54k hands for $3,536.25
$400NL - 400 hands for $605.65
$200PL - 1k hands for $378.70
$200NL(6max) - 30 hands for $46.50

Totals: 55,154 hands for $4,567.10 [$54.99/hr]

Totals: 16 tournies for $201.44 [roi of 50.06%]

Stars bonuses: $1500
Rando bonus from stars : $76.57
Total: $1576.57

March Net profit:$6,345.11

Year to date: $19,335.59

Some thoughts....
I'm lazy. I only played 83 hours this month. This might sound like a lot, but I played 187 in janurary.
There is only one way to right this, and that is to do a marathon month in april. I am going to play so many hands, it's going to be sick. My goal is to hit $10k for april, which is very doable. If I do hit the 10k, im going to do a freeroll tounry for 1% of my winnings. That's right. My loyal readers will have a chance to share in some of this money. More details will be forthcoming, but you will need to sign up for pokerstars to take advantage of it. There will also be a bounty on my had for an additional sum of cash, as I'll be playing in the tourny.


Scott said...

Hey I pimped your tourney on my blog. HeHe I also set a personal challenge based on your play...

Anonymous said...

cool idea for us low level donkeys that read blogs. Super good luck for $10k in April !!


Andrew said...

Nice promo. I am in.