Thursday, April 05, 2007

The perfect way to end a session!
So today I ran pretty badly. One of those days where nothing goes right. Draws don't come in, people flop better sets than yours, and of course, your KK runs into AA preflop. The latter happened twice over the session, and I lost stacks on both occasions.

Anyhow, I'm down $600 or something for the day, and down $400 for the month. SO I'm feeling like crap, it's 5am, and I want to sleep. So I start closing down all my tables, waiting for the big blind to come my way before I leave.

If you don't want to automatically post your blinds, you have to click off a button. Well, I must've missed one on a single table, because up pops a table. And on that table, I have two black kings.... and everybody covered (more money than anyone involved).

I had bittersweet feelings about seeing these sexy cards, because I've been killed wth them today. Anyhow, a loose-ish player raises to $6 from middle position and gets 3 or 4 callers, including the maniac in the small blind. I just want to take down this pot now, because I'm tired and just want to end the session. I got to put in a huge raise, but realize I'm at a pot limit table, and not no-limit. Great. So I pot it. About a $26 raise.

Instantly, the original raiser makes it $90, and my head sinks into my chest. I close my eyes and curse my luck for having ran into aces AGAIN.

When I look up, I see somehting I didn't expect. The maniac in the small blind called this $90 raise. What the fuck?

So it's time to try to figue out waht people have.

There is no way the small blind has me beat. He wouldn't just call twice with aces, so he must have AK, AQ, or a smaller pair, which I'm a huge favourite against.

The original raiser's range is much smaller. He likely has aces, QQ, or maybe AK. Even less likely, but also possible is that he has KK too.

If the original raiser has AA, and the maniac has a small pair, I'm still about 20% to win this hand. So with, ~$200 already in the pot, and the chance that the original raiser has QQ, I close my eyes and push all in.

Original raiser insta-calls, and maniac thinks.....thinks......thinks...... and calls his last $110.

$623 in the pot ($50 side pot between me and original raiser).

The board comes out lke this.

Td - 4d - 3s - Jd - 5h

Decent board for me, as the only thing that I'm worried about is AA(obviously) and maybe AK with 2 diamonds.

Oh yeah, and of course 5-5.

Yes, the maniac in the hand had 55, and hit a set on the river to scoop up the pot. The original raiser had QQ, so the pot was mine until the river.

I was about 66% to win this hand before the flop, and instead of being even for the month, I'm now down $600.



go me.


Marky said...

Consider it done.

Adam said...

Thanks I already have an account though, I just dont think 3 months of no RB is worth it. How many hands do you have at 200 nl by the way for that 1.6ptbb/100, you must have at least a couple hundred thousand right?

the_main said...

You wouldn't be without rakeback, just thats its most profitable to cahs it in once you hit supernova.

And yeah, i have like 400k hands since i began this blog, and 300k are at $200.

Wombol said...

thats harsh, not what you needed to end a session, and especially not a beat thats easy to take.

I was reading an article today about all in pre-flop vs all in post flop and the fold equity coupled with that. Would maniac have called a huge bet on that flop with overcards? Maybe not, Yet would you have called a huge bet on that flop as Maniac could quite easily have had pocket 10's?

I guess thats the beauty of poker, and is ironically highlighted in the Ivey hand on your previous post!

BEtter luck this weekend though.

the_main said...

Thanks :)

I didn't think I had much fold equity with either of them pre-flop. Once you have half your stack in, and are getting like 5-1, you should be calling with almost anyhting.

In the same respect, I wasn't going to just call $90, and then fold the flop. The only flop I hate is one with an ace. And if one flops, I have to make a tough (and possibly incorrect!) decision.

The important thing is not to be results oriented. Sure I lost the hand, and maybe if I played it diferently I would've won the pot. But we, as poker players, have to be content that we got our money in as a favourite. The long run will take care of us.

Wombol said...

Yea, totally agree. You were never going to get away from the hand unless aces flopped. Just interesting putting your kings hand up against the Ivey one. 1) all in pre flop, 2) all in post flop and the different outcomes.

Adam said...

He got exactly what he wanted in the hands, if he waits till the flop the maniac will fold, and in the longrun he wont make nearly as much money off of him.

Game101 said...

what up i've added your blog to my site

Anonymous said...

u run goot,


jbarnes said...

i have added you mate, sorry for the delay

cheers for adding me in advance atb