Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I put in a man-sized session today of like 8k hands.
I was down ~$800 for the month, but I booked a $1k+ win today.

So I'm at $232 for the month, with some serious bonuses to be cashed in if I put in enough hours.



Anonymous said...

Good hit today main... I had the opposite luck I was up $93 for the month until I lost a huge hand that took $40 dollars from me... Then I lost semblance of reality an lost $70. It will take a bit of time for me to recover...

Ukgatsby said...

Seen your blog through Wombols. Linked you up. Would be cool if you could do the same.

Wombol said...

Surely i must get some kinda referal bonus there Main? I think the going rate on Full Tilt is $75!!

Let me know when its on the way ;)


Wombol said...
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