Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sklansky released his 10th book No Limit Hold 'em: Theory and Practice and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it. This time around he is joined by co-author Ed Miller, who last wrote with Sklansky and Mason Malmuth back in 2004 when they published Small Stakes Hold'em.

I hear this is a very good book that actually takes you beyond his classic Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players. For example, he introduces the concept of "Multiple Level Thinking". Most good players know that bluffing a calling station is not a positive EV move. This would be an example of first level thinking: the calling station calls the 2X and 3X and even the all-in bet, so don't bluff. But during the course of the evening you notice that this is not just a 'call every bet' player but rather a player who recognizes your play and distinguishes it from the maniac on your right. So you know if the maniac is in the hand the player is more likely to call but if you are the lone raiser, he will lay it down. So, you have moved him to a second level thinker and now can use higher level play to take his chips.

Sklansky can be a tough read but, again, I highly recommend reading his books if you havn't already.

Check out:

The Theory of Poker


Hold'Em Poker for Advanced Players (Advance Player)


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