Friday, March 23, 2007

In an interesting development, I somehow managed to "out-do" my best day at cash ever.

It's so weird that I've been playing at this level for so long, and have my two best days so close to one another. Maybe I'm getting better? Probably just variance :)

I made exactly $2399.05 today in 3341 hands, which barely eclipses the great day I had last week. I also did it in 2 less hours, so it was that much sicker.

It was pretty sweet to have a big day, because this week has been pretty bad poker-wise. Just lost a few key all-ins where I had a huge edge in equity.

But anyways, this day puts me at exactly $4k for the month, excluding bonuses. I also have big plans for April, which I will announce next week. lol cliffhangers


mike said...

is there anyone better at $200NL? you own

Anonymous said...

And you say you can't afford the Playboy Party?!