Saturday, March 01, 2008

february wrap up

Another great month in the books. February was my best month ever. I played 120k hands at a nice 2.5ptbb+ winrate, $3k in bonuses and the $4k tourny score. So you can figure it out more or less with a little math.

Considering its the shortest month of the year, and I was in Hong Kong for a while, I feel great about it.

As for SNE, I have 147,500 points while pace is 166,666, which is ok because I'm slowly making up ground. I'm gonna try to put in an extra hour every day this month and I should be just about caught up.

So in March I should clear my first milestone bonus for $2k, plus the regular $3k in other bonuses. I'm planning on putting in my most hands ever, so hopefully I can top my best month for a third month in a row?? It will be tough, but I'll do my best.


Daniel said...

Just found your blog. I like it and its pretty inspirational. Cheers.
What other bonuses do you get on Stars? (the 3k for Feb)

the_main said...

viop bonues

$1500 for 100k FPPs

i clear like 2 a month