Friday, March 28, 2008


So I hit the 200k VPP mark today.
Way behind pace, I know.

I had a brutal last 2 weeks, and I'm recovering from my worst downswing ever. Should still end up with a pretty decent month though.

I'm really hanging my hat on thier being a double VPP promotion in May, or I'll have like zero chance at elite.

Finsihing with like 800k VPPs would be pretty lame.


nemo said...

Hi I'm pretty new to the whole poker blog scene (and poker in general). This is a very nice site. Just wanted to say that! and nice results in your NL cash games!

Anonymous said...

how come you turned your search off on pokerstars I enjoyed watching you play. Now I have to look through the tables to find you.


the_main said...

thanks, i wish i had more to write about :)

it's just -EV, I just don't want players to know how manny tables I'm playing... gives up an edge.