Sunday, July 08, 2007

still here

Yeah, I know... lack of updates. But I'm still kickin'.

I don't really have much going on, I've just been playing a lot. I've managed to get in ~25k hands this week.

I've made some tweaks in my game, and the results have been really good. I think my preflop game has improved significantly.

So things have turned and I'm up about $2,000 for the month so far. I'll also have about $4,500 in bonuses cleared in the next 10 days or so. I'm on a good pace and could easily make this the first $10,000 month of the year.

I could use a good month, as I'm planning a vacation for mid-august. I'm going to check out Bali, Indonesia, with my girlfriend. Should be a great time and super relaxing. It's beautiful there from what I've seen, with lots of interesting things to check out.

I think we're gonna stay at the grand hyatt, just because I ball like that.

I should also probably buy a camera. I wish I could just order one from stars, but they wont ship it to me in Seoul. Anyone have any reccomendations for something nice around $600-$1000?


Dankind said...

Try craigslist, might get lucky finding a camera

Tommy_W said...

Just get the same one i got if you want a digital SLR or get the top of the line Canon point and shoot camera, like $450 tops and prob the best point and shoot.