Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January Results

Well, I made it through january alive. It was the most trying month of my poker career. I never really expected I could get such a cold run of cards. I hope this will end up being my worst month of the year, and that I can just put it behind me.

The month ended pretty well, and I crawled back to net a decent profit.

Anyhow, here are the numbers:

Cash Games:

$200NL - 112,570 hands for $2237
$200PL - 4,442 hands for ($196)
$400NL - 2,923 hands for ($1,090)

Other lower games make up the difference, but:

120,238 hands for $969.51 [$5.34/hr]

Tournaments (SNGs mostly):

71 tournies for a net of ($203.23)

$5380 [$4500 + $880 milestone hand bonus]


Overall, I think this month has had positives. Going through that massive downswing has made me a much stronger player. I have experienced just about as bad as it gets, so nothing else should be able to phase me. My goal remains the same... 200k in 2007.

My other goal of supernova elite status still stands, but I'm a bit behind this month.
If I fail to reach this goal, I'm losing about $25,000 in value --I need to get motivated.

I'll check back in next week.

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Anonymous said...

lol @ bitching about 6k/month