Monday, January 01, 2007

Just heard some good news from pokerstars. They added a new event to the EPT schedule this year in Dortmund, Germany. While I really wanted to go to France, and will still make the effort, chances are I will end up in this tournament. This will be March 8-11th, 2007.

Also, I guess I could mention some numbers from my 2006. All numbers from the year are included, but I didn't play much prior to April 12th 2006, after my graduation. I've pulled $27,955 from cash games and $4,860 from tournies. So that's a total of $32,682 for the year. That's not including bonuses or casino whoring adventures, which I would estimate puts me somewhere closer to 36k. I don't keep great details on those numbers....

Cashgame graph:

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