Saturday, April 26, 2008

fun propbets

DOn't you just love a good prop bet?
One guy starts talking trash, and the other guy calls him out. What's next? Money, meet mouth.

After one player making some rediculous claims of making $40,000 at 1/2NL in a month, and having everyone saying it was impossible, a lone soldier came out of the smoke and said that HE could do it. That player is costanza_g.

A couple insteresting things to note. The original player who said they did was misunderstood - he did it at 1/2 and 2/4, INCLUDING a tonne of bonuses. Mr. costanza claims he can pull it off WITHOUT bonuses.

So he issued a challenge - 31days, $40,000, all 1/2. He put $15k of his own money to back his claim, asking for 2:3 on his money.

And boy, did he get interest. Within hours, people bought up all the action, escrowed the money, and the bet was set!

The bet has since been featured on the pokercast and has over 400replies on 2+2.

Do I have action? Yessum.
I put down $3k to say no way in hell he can do it. The MOST I've ever made at 1/2 in a week is $7k. I see no way he can do $10k, 4 weeks in a row. So my $3k to win $2k.

In order in ensure it is costanza playing all the tables, he's set up a webcam to film him playing 24/7. If he claims victory, we have 72hrs to review all his hands and verify authenticiy. I wont go into the details, but we've covered all the details. There is about $60k in escrow, so obvioulsy people are taking this seriously.

Here's the cam:

Express Yourself LIVE

link if its not working here:

please wish for his failure with me :)


poker said...

\can u post the 2 + 2 webpage, cant find it with original bet


Pud's Poker said...

Jesus! $40k in 31 days at NL200? What stakes does he usually play at?

Out of interest how much do you think he'll fail by because he's going to have to run better than God himself to get anywhere near this target!