Sunday, February 24, 2008


I've been sans internet for about 3 days now. So I'm falling behind my SNE pace, but catching up on my sleep.

Sucks because I was excited to play a lot this weekend, but whatever.

Had a fun weekend instead and got my drank on with some friends. Got a guy coming in the morning to fix it I think, so I can get back to the grind.

Anyways, fun story I read the other day:

Punter wins £1m for 50p horse bet


Christian said...

hi the main
i want to know which are diference between the regular players in your NL200 level and the players who play NL25, NL50

many tks
best regards

the_main said...

At $25 and $50, the games are a lot more passive and fishy. you can play very snug and make a good profit just denying people odds and valuebetting your good hands. There are less thinking regular players.

At 200NL, almost every table has 4-5 regs so the level of thinking has to go up. The games are much more aggro preflop and post. Lots more 3betting and semi-bluffing. This increases as you move up levels.

Christian said...

many tks the_main!
best regards

Online Poker and Gossip said...

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